Adult Sunday School Classes

At First United Methodist Church in Garden City, we offer a wide range of Sunday School options for adults in any phase of their lives. Come join us and learn what it means to be the hands of Jesus as we mature spiritually in Him.
All classes meet on Sundays at 10:30 AM in their designated rooms.

 The Well

Men & Women 18+
Room 215
Join us at The Well as we learn and grow in faith together!

The Village

Married Men & Women 30+
Room 216
Join us because it takes a village to strengthen marriages and raise children.


Men & Women 40+
Room 218
Discuss the challenges encountered while living out the Christian faith.


Men & Women 40+
Room 209
Seek God and His truth revealed in Jesus to live an abundant life.


Men & Women 40+
Room 214
Grow in Christian living through fellowship, study, mission projects, and social gatherings.


Women 40+
Room 212
Encounter the many cross roads we face as women disciples of Jesus through the study of United Methodist Curriculum.


Men & Women 60+
Search for God’s will in our lives through United Methodist Curriculum.


Men & Women 60+
North Fellowship Hall
Walk on the path of faith in Jesus as we address current and world issues.
Men & Women 70+
South Fellowship Hall
Build your life in Jesus through traditional worship, lecture, and study of United Methodist Curriculum.