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Recent Prayer Concerns

Juan Lozoya Sr.

Ann and Craig Myers

Judy Chiorazzi (friend of Michael and Brenda Jackson)

Nils Anderson

Marlene Lee

Linda Ortiz (mother of Manny Ortiz)

Jerry Anderson

Alberta Mouser


MaKenna Grace DeHart (great- granddaughter of Beth Tedrow)
Wyatt Thomas Payne (son of Clay and Samantha Payne)
Bob Corn


Friends At Home

Louise Hoyt, Eileen Schwindt, Milton Thomas


Serving In The Military

Codi Bowman, Kimberly Edmonds, AJ Estabrook


In Mission Ministry

Nate and Amy Dalke, Zac Anthony, Matt Anthony


Prayer Focus

Kenneth Henderson Middle School


Concerns Of Our Church Family

Medical Professionals


Ongoing Prayer Concerns


Bryce & Diane Baker

Alice Childers

Kelly Chopp

Keith Conley

Jane Embree

Leighton Fairbairn

Brooklyn Garcia 

Nancy Garhart

Ron Harman

Nancy Hitz

Dorothy Holsted

Bob Krug

David Meyer

David Musil

Ron Olomon

Isabel Orosco

Sylvia Orosco

Kevin Parks

Margaret Robinson

Eileen Schwindt

Bev Sharp

Leroy & Joyce Stapleton

Scott Stegman

Richard & Ruth Stroup

Carol Taylor

Karen Valencia

Joe & Marge Vanderweide

Christine Vogt

Regina Wilson

Ann Zemp

Darby Bates (nephew of Kate Krug)

Charles Benton (great nephew of Lucinda Miller)

Renee Burell (cousin of Kelley Bicket)

Rusty Collier (son-in-law of Kitty Caldwell)

Madonna Crossman (grandmother of Kyle Korf)

George Dugan (friend of Chad Dockter)

Nadine Erskin (friend of Bonnie Molz)

Larry Gardner (Friend of Harley Foulks) 

Gary Hammons (friend of Lyle Smiley)

Slate & Isabelle Herman (family of Linda Finley)

Luke Henry (friend of Bev Miller)

Paisley Hill (cousin of Janice Parks)

Griffin Keefe (grandson of Russ & Michelle Komlofske) 

Lue Ann King (friend of Norma Nolte)

Lori Kochanowski (sister of Shelly Stroup)

Linda Koelzer (friend of Dena Crouch)

Karl Larson Jr. (Grandson of Andrew Larson)

Roscoe Matteson (father of Jane Krug)

Jill Monaghan (granddaughter of Ace & Joanne Harder)

Sandy Mott (friend of Norma Nolte & Pauline Craft)

Roger Murray (friend of Harley Foulks)

Peggy Pettz (mother of Brenda Harder)

Carroll Plisek (father of Joel Plisek)

Lydia Ramos (mother of Temo Ramos)

John Roesch (father of Kristi Temple)

Ronaldo & Amalia Rivera (grandparents of Sammy Ortiz)

Jhayliegh Rosales (granddaughter of Vicki Becker)

Ann Sarber (friend of Mel & Jane Crist)

Jeannie Schriner (sister of Jackie Miller)

Joyce Sebranek (mother of Mark Sebranek)

Ethel Tempel (mother of Bob Tempel)

Tom Walsh (father of Laura Walsh)

Kamdyn Wenta (niece of Trevor & Amber Witt)

Laura Woodbury (mother of Harlon Woodbury)

Bonita Wurz (grandmother of Lisa Dockter)


Holly Chandler (friend of Henry Family)




Prayer Warriors
A time where we share concerns for individuals, families, people in need, congregation, community and the world. All are welcome to attend, share or just listen.
Prayer Chain
If you are interested in being a part of prayer chain, which requires upholding, confidentiality, please notify Pastor Joel.