Nyamakope Village Water Project
For the 2021 season of Lent our congregation set a goal of establishing boreholes for communities in Zimbabwe, Africa. It is customary among many Christians to make sacrifices during the season of Lent as a resemblance of Christ’s sacrifice for us. From this tradition we asked our congregation to sacrificially give so that others could have fresh water.  
Our Senior Pastor, Charles Nyamakope, is from Nyamakope Village which is a rural community within Mutoko District, Zimbabwe, Africa. Both the village and the district still struggle with sufficient and clean water supply. This also affects their food supply as they rely on rain fed peasant farming and are unable to irrigate. In their culture it is customary for the women and girls to collect water. They may have to walk long distances each day to bring their family water from the rivers or shallow wells in their region. Not only does this take away their opportunity to attend school, but it exposes them to pathogens and bacteria in the water as well as to crocodiles and other wild animals who are often competing for the same water.
Hand dug wells are usually around 15 meters deep and utilize water from the top of the water table. This water is usually contaminated, and it also dries up towards the end of the dry season. These challenges justify the need for drilling what are called “boreholes.” Boreholes are typically around 80 meters in depth and they pull pure flowing water from the underground streams and aquifers. Boreholes require either a hand pump or a solar powered pump. A solar powered pump will also include a water storage tank. The benefit of the solar powered pumps is that girls would not spend as much time fetching the water.

Our priority was to drill a borehole in Nyamakope Village, where Pastor Charles is graciously donating his own land to this project and his brother, the Nyamakope Village Head, will oversee the formation of a village committee to maintain and manage its affairs. This is extremely beneficial to the community, as the borehole will be available and accessible to all families, at no cost. However, with the generous giving of our congregation we are now planning on drilling several boreholes throughout Mutoko District!

We set a goal of raising $20,000.00, but your generous giving has exceeded that amount and reached $23,581.50! Not only will your donations be providing communities with safe and clean water, but you are enabling women and girls to get an education that they have so far not had the opportunity to receive. Thank you for your generosity!
Mission Trip

Our congregation has expressed interest in expanding this project into a mission trip so plans are underway! We are planning for 2022 to take a group of individuals to Nyamakope Village and the surrounding area to seek other mission opportunities so we can continue to share Christ with the people of Zimbabwe. Contact us in the church office for more details or check out the pamphlet here!
Continued Giving
Continued giving will support the establishment of more boreholes in Zimbabwe as well as our coming mission trip. Please include “Water Project” in the memos of any checks or your online donation. We hope you join in with us as we strive to share Christ’s love through the Nyamakope Village Water Project!